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Greek Coins  >>  Macedon & Thrace
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MACEDON, Akanthos. 470-390 BC. AR Tetrobol (2.33 gm). Forepart of bull, head reverted / Shallow granulated quadripartite incuse square. SNG.ANS.44. Toned VF+.

US$ 425

MACEDON, Akanthos. 470-390 BC. AR Tetrobol (2.53 gm). Forepart of bull with head reverted / Quadripartite shallow incuse square. SNG.ANS.31. Toned VF.

US$ 150

MACEDONIA, “Lete”. VI-V Century BC. AR Trihemiobol (1.02 gm). Naked satyr squatting / Quadripartite incuse square. SNG.ANS.972. Toned VF+.

US$ 395

MACEDONIA, Lete. 530-480 BC. AR Stater (9.60 gm). Naked ithyphallic satyr grasping arm of fleeing nymph / Rough incuse square. SNG.ANS.947. Toned VF. Rare.

US$ 1,350

MACEDON, Chalkidian League, Olynthos. 432-348 BC. AR Tetrobol (2.21 gm). Laureate head of Apollo / Lyre in incuse square. SNG.ANS.533. Toned aVF.

US$ 325

KINGDOM OF MACEDON. Alexander III, 336-323 BC. AR Hemidrachm (1.81 gm) of Babylon. Head of Herakles wearing lion skin headress right / Zeus enthroned left. Pr.3695. Rare.

US$ 295

KINGDOM of MACEDON. Perdikkas II, 451-413 BC. AR Tetrobol (2.09 gm) of 451-446 BC. Horse walking / Helmet in shallow incuse square. Raymond.140. Toned VF.

US$ 295

KINGS of THRACE. Amatokos I, 389-380 BC. Thick Ć20 (14.54 gm) of Maronea. Bipennis (two headed-axe) / Bunch of grapes. Top.92. aVF, green patina. Very Rare.

US$ 325

KINGDOM OF MACEDON. Philip II, 359-336 BC. AR Tetradrachm of Pella, 354-348 BC. Laureate head of Zeus / King wearing a Kausia riding prancing horse which he crowns, star below …

US$ 1,750

MACEDONIAN KINGDOM. Philip II, 359-336 BC. AR Tetradrachm (14.10 gm) of Amphipolis. Laureate head of Zeus / Youth riding prancing horse which he crowns.,11. …

US$ 795

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