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IONIA, Chios. V Century BC. AR Drachm (3.44 gm). Sphinx seated with amphora / Quadripartite incuse granulated square. SNG.Cop.1546. VF+,

US$ 850

IONIA, Ephesos. 390-330 BC. AR Tetartemorion (0.18 gm). Bee / Eagle’s head within incuse. SNG.Kayhan.126. Toned aXF. Scarce.

US$ 350

IONIA, Ephesos. 387-295 BC. AR Tetradrachm Epigonos, magistrate. Bee, straight wings / Forepart of running stag, head reverted, palm tree behind. S.4373v. SNG.Cop.-. BMC.-. …

US$ 1,200

IONIA, Ephesos. 387-295 BC. AR Tetradracm (14.77 gm). Bee with straight wings / Forepart of stag looking back; palm tree. SNG.Cop.224v. S.4372v. Toned VF.

US$ 1,000

IONIA, Klazomenai. V Century BC. AR Diobol.

US$ 225

IONIA, Klazomenai. 480-450 BC. AR Obol.

US$ 350

IONIA, SAMOS. 439-408 BC. AR Tetradrachm.

US$ 2,950

IONIA, Teos. 320-294 BC. MENTOR magistrate. AR Diobol (0.80 gm). Griffin seated with paw raised / Cheys (lyre). Kinns.95 Toned VF+. Rare.

US$ 250

CARIA, Knidos. 405-394 BC. AR Drachm (6.24 gm). Head and forepaw of lion / Head of Aphrodite within incuse square. Cahn.112 (V56/R74). Toned VF. Rare.

US$ 650

CARIA, Knidos. 250-210 BC. AR Tetrobol (2.58 gm). Draped bust of Artemis, bow and quiver over shoulder / Tripod. SNG.Keckman.196v. Toned VF+.

US$ 295

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