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Greek Coins  >>  Asia Minor
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IONIA, Herakleia. 150-142 BC. AR Tetradrachm.

US$ 2,500

IONIA, Magnesia ad Maeandrum, 350-190 BC. AR Obol.

US$ 275

IONIA, Magnesia ad Maeandrum. 350-325 BC BC. AR Hemidrachm

US$ 295

IONIA, Miletos. 175-86 BC. AR Drachm

US$ 695

IONIA, Phokaia. 477-388 BC. EL Hekte

US$ 1,950

IONIA, Phokaia. 400-390 BC. Electrum Hekte

US$ 650

CARIA, Kaunos. 490-480 BC. AR Hemidrachm

US$ 795

CARIA, Kaunos. 430-410 BC. AR Stater.

US$ 2,250

CARIA, Kindya. 500 BC. AR Samian Tetrobol

US$ 350

CARIA, Knidos. 405-394 BC. AR Drachm (6.24 gm). Head and forepaw of lion / Head of Aphrodite within incuse square. Cahn.112 (V56/R74). Toned VF. Rare.

US$ 650

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